Can Hobbyheadz be attached on to all scooters?

Hobbyheadz can be attached on to all scooters that are t-bar shaped.

What age range are Hobbyheadz best suited for?

Hobbyheadz are best suited for 2 – 6 year olds. But as soon as your child is scootering, they will love Hobbyheadz. I have a six year old who still loves her Hobbyheadz and I’m not sure when she will want to ditch it for something more cool.

If I need to leave the scooter somewhere, how heavy is a Hobbyheadz to carry?

One Hobbyheadz weighs 0.25 kg, the same weight as a medium sized soft toy, so very portable. It fits easily in to my daughter’s school bag and can be attached onto the back of a chair, so great for those trips out.

How high does a Hobbyheadz sit above the handlebars? Will my child be able to see over the top?

A hobbyheadz sits about 10 cm above the handlebars. For most 2 year olds, it will not affect their vision.

Will a hobbyheadz interfere with the steering or handle bar space?

Within the neck of the Hobbyheadz, elastic is sewn in to the Hobbyheadz to keep the toy from taking up too much space on the handlebars. And as it is so light, it doesn’t affect the steering.

My kid loves the white horse, how practical is it though?

All Hobbyheadz are machine washable and so scrub up really well, so don’t worry about those occasional muddy puddles.